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The perfect finish with Continental exterior films for window frames and window profiles

When it comes to the design of PVC windows, window profile film is almost unbeatable. Laminated profiles have established themselves with leading German and European system providers. Convinced of the many advantages, they have expanded their production technology to include film lamination. Since then, the foiling of PVC profiles on windows has been an economical, durable solution and, thanks to its recyclability, also a sustainable way forward. Innovations and an ever-increasing warranty on the market as well as the control, coordination and communication of the RAL Quality Association have contributed to the success of the window profile film.

In addition to the variety of colours and decors, Continental exterior films products also impress with their durability and ease of cleaning. A further advantage is the homogeneity of the surface, regardless of which component the film is used on. If the building owner decides on a design, the window frames fit perfectly to the front door or the garage door – everything looks as if from a single mould.

Advantages of Continental Cool Color and Cool Color Plus vinyl bottom layer laminate compared to an acrylic bottom layer laminate:

When adhering a vinyl bottom layer based exterior laminate onto a vinyl profile, one is adhering two identical plastic formulations together, with the same thermal behavior. When adhering an acrylic bottom layer based exterior laminate onto a vinyl profile, one is adhering two different plastic formulations together, with the opposite thermal behavior. Because when it gets hot, vinyl expands, but acrylic shrinks.
The result:
Opposite forces on a laminated vinyl window profile once laminated with an acrylic based laminate.
Risk with an acrylic bottom layer laminate:
“Wrinkles” of the laminate at the points of strongest contradicting forces (Corners and Mullions).
Advantage of a vinyl bottom layer laminate:
Same thermal behavior, not exposed to the previous risk.

Bond strength and long term bond durability experience:

Vinyl bottom layer laminates are being used now since more than 35 years, and they perform since more than 35 years excellently. This meaning that there is also 35 years of long term bond durability experience, that is the performance of the adhesion bond of a vinyl bottom layer laminates to a vinyl profile. There is no long term bond durability experience for acrylic laminates yet available, nor will it be with the same amount of years as vinyl bottom layer laminates

Global market:

All over the world, in any climate zones, the majority of the market uses vinyl bottom layer laminates (>90%)


As vinyl is flexible and as acrylic is rigid, therefore vinyl bottom layer laminates are more flexible and easier to process in the wrapping process as the adapt more easy to difficult geometries, where acrylic bottom layer struggle due to their rigidness and the memory effect and need therefore another primer layer (which is another layer with its certain risks of separation).


The warranty for the Continental Techprofil Cool Color Plus laminate is a full replacement warranty in North America for 10 years, transferable and non-prorated. And the performance is already documented since more than 35 years out in the market, saying the performance and life expectancy is by far longer..

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